Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Alternative Spring Break group has been finalized!!! The group is full of a wide range of personalities who will all be fantastic contributions to the overall experience.
We are so happy with the group and their dedication and excitement! We look forward to getting to know everyone better throughout this journey.

Last semester we were able to raise $1,000 throughout school fund-raising events!! The total including all group efforts and donations is $14,500!!!!

The competitive fundraiser "Send Me to St. Tammany!" just ended on Monday. Group members designed a donation jar and they were placed in the college center for 3 separate days. The top three members who were able to raise the most money throughout the process will be rewarded with the total raised amount put towards their individual fund-raising amount! The remainder of the raised money will be added to the total group fund-raising amount. The winners will be announced at our weekly meeting on Friday afternoon!

Upcoming fundraisers include an exciting game of Singled Out, Open Mic Nights, Bakes Sales, a Musical Performance, and more creative and entertaining events. Look for ASB events around campus and please donate when possible.