Monday, October 8, 2012

New record!

The applications are in! We broke our record with 60 applications this year! Tomorrow (well, technically today) we begin a new process—the interview process. Our goal is that an interview will give each applicant the chance to truly shine.

I am so incredibly thankful for each person who took the time to apply this year. You took a chance, dared to think beyond your own needs and apply to a program where others come first. Whether you are chosen or not to be a part of this trip, you should be so proud. Taking the time to apply demonstrates just the kind of person you are—selfless. Thank you! Thank you for taking an interest, for putting in your effort, and for seeing the value of service to others.

There is no doubt that ASB is growing and that FSU students’ passion for service is growing too. Your applications have inspired me.

Keep giving back FSU! Whether on ASB this year or not, you are ALL making a difference J

Operations and education trip leader