Saturday, November 30, 2013

As all my Thanksgiving activities are coming to an end and I am traveling back from my house in Attleboro back to Framingham to work, all I could think about was not having a place to go for Thanksgiving. I could not even think about not having a place to celebrate or not getting my whole family together. I don't know how these people who lost their houses are doing it, but I am so impressed that they can. I can't wait to go down to Oklahoma and help a family so that they can be together whenever they please under a roof with heat and electricity. Weeks like this make this trip worth everything it takes to get down there, the endless fundraising and bugging people to buy raffle tickets, its worth it to make someone happy.

Caitlin Murray

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and are enjoying the small break before the end of the semester. I am excited for the coming month ahead to attend more meetings and spend more time with the ASB group. The more I talk about ASB to my family and friends the more excited I get for the trip. It makes me realize how awesome of a group we have and what a great experience this trip will bring

Christopher Bunce
Class of 2016

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Morning

I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning to the worst rain & wind storm I have heard in a long time. At first, I was angry to have been woken up so early on my first night home for the Thanksgiving holiday, but soon after, that feeling vanished. 

I soon thought of the people of Oklahoma, Illinois, and all affected by the recent tornadoes. I thought of how terrified and heartbroken they must have felt when the tornado was destroying their homes, impacting their lives, and putting their loved ones at risk. I thought of how they must have felt during the times of uncontrollable wind and damage, and I suddenly felt incredibly grateful.

Although I was awake early, I knew my house would be there in the morning. I knew my brothers would still be asleep (probably until 3 p.m.). I knew that my friends and family in the area are all safe. I knew that my (lazy) cat would still be sleeping on the couch. These are all things that these people did not have the privilege of feeling. 

To me, this experience exhibits how much I have personally developed through my ASB experience so far. These people are already giving me so much in life, including the ability to think outside of myself. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for all of these people for that they have given me a fresh outlook on life. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! 

-Casey Tidwell 
Class of 2014 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I’m not much of a blogger so I’m not sure where this will go...
For about two weeks now I haven’t really been myself, it’s getting closer to the end of the semester and things are getting a bit difficult, which I’m sure is true for us all.  Being a part of ASB has already shown me few of the upsides.  ABS has truly provided a bunch of genuine people. Without really knowing it few of the members has cheered me up in small silly ways, it’s kind of hard to be glum around you guys. Everyone is always cheery, and I can’t help but forget my issues. I love sitting at the tables and getting to know everyone, it’s one of the few times I get to create small bonds with everyone.   So thank you ASB team members you’re all awesome and I can’t wait for OKLAHOMA. 
Rushell Jones 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"It's part of the Trip Leader Experience"

This year as a Trip Leader has been a totally different experience than last year as an ASB participant. There are many more challenges and stresses but they have all been ones that I have enjoyed tackling. From planning fundraisers and group meetings to fighting about our mascot's name, the whole process has been very rewarding, or as Claire would say, "It's part of the Trip Leader experience."

The most satisfying aspects of being a TL so far has been seeing the group mesh together to become one. I remember the night we picked our group we were so excited to make the calls and eventually see them at our meetings so they could each bring their uniqueness to the group dynamic. As the year has gone on, I am extremely proud of the work that this group has put in. They have put aside their own time and made a huge commitment to this program by group fundraising at the MC Lobby tables, attending meetings, and even selling raffle tickets to their friends and family to help pay for this trip. I know they will continue to push through the rest of the semester and into the next one so we can meet our fundraising goal. 

Having a group like the one we have this year has been a TL's dream. They're flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes, makes me motivated to be the best TL I can be. I also have two other amazing Trip Leaders, Amy and Tori, who push me to do the best I can. This has been a total team effort and I think we've gotten off to an amazing start!

TL Brandon Martinez
Class of 2016

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Just Unreal

One hundred sixteen days, twenty two hours, forty two minutes, and some odd seconds and it will be the day I take flight with twenty eight amazing people who were once strangers merely two months ago. The idea of this still blows my mind.

The night I received the phone call telling me that I had been chosen to go on this trip, I danced around work for the rest of the night and wasn't even mad we had to stay an extra hour to clean the store that so many customers had destroyed. I literally couldn't wait to tell everyone... so obviously I posted it on facebook.

From that moment, I had been ecstatic about being able to experience this once in a lifetime trip that so many others would never even think twice about.

But now, sitting here in my dark apartment watching my boyfriend play video games, the idea of actually going to Oklahoma and helping so many people just seems like something that little me would never get the chance to do. It's just unreal. Its a feeling combined with excitement and awe, thankfulness and hope, fear and curiosity... and humility.

Honestly, I think the whole experience thus far, especially reading articles about the tornadoes that destroyed so many homes, schools, lives... they've just made me so incredibly thankful to be in my own shoes. It's made getting up in the morning and grabbing a bowl of cereal for breakfast something I can't go without thinking twice about. Because there are too many people in the world and in our own country that don't have that fortune. ASB has made me realize all the things I take for granted each day and I can't shrug them off anymore. But it's also made me not want to anymore. 

Instead I just want to change things.

I want to help at least one person be able to get up in the morning in their new house and just grab a bowl of cereal.

And even if I do only end up helping one person throughout this whole experience then that will be enough for me because thats still one less person that has to wake up each morning worrying about where they're even getting any food at all.

But what I'm most thankful for is that I'm surrounded by twenty eight other people that want to make a difference, too.

Now that's pretty cool.

Kimmi Awiszio

Class of 2015

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hey Guys!!!!

       Its been so amazing getting to know everyone! First I want to say I am so excited to have Homer/Russell this week, he his such a snuggler!!!! Also the trip on Saturday was so amazing, everyone at the habitat re-store was so nice and it made me even more excited for Oklahoma. I think everyone who was there didn't want to leave, I know I could have stayed the entire day to help out!!  I hope everyone has a greet week!!

Jaime Bailey
Class of 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

Time Flies

Hey Everyone,

I can't believe there are only five weeks left in this semester! Time is flying by, and before you know it we'll be in Oklahoma doing what we set out to accomplish. In the last few meetings I've gotten the chance to chat with a few of you, and I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome group! :) Embarrassingly enough, this is honestly the first time I've participated in a big extracurricular activity since...middle school. Other than a couple of plays in high school, I've always been the person who flies under the radar, and I'm really happy that I'm breaking that habit with ASB. I can't wait to get to know all of you better!

Elizabeth Murphy
Class of 2016


Hi Everyone!
      I am so excited to be part of this amazing group of people. I really enjoy getting to know everyone at the McCarthy center tables! It is really nice to work with a great group of people towards a greater purpose. I have never really been part of a group like this or involved much on campus but I am so happy I can be part of this team.
   With the crazy amounts of school work piling up ASB is something exciting to look forward to. The group is so nice and welcoming I can't wait to get to know everyone.

Jessica Geary

Class of 2016


I absolutely cannot believe that I have the chance to go on Alternative Spring Break for a second time! Words really cannot describe how fortunate I feel. However, although it is my second time, this year has already provided me with a new and exciting experience. The members of the group that I have had the chance to spend time with are so great, and I am already excited to spend time with those who I have not had the chance to get to know. The fundraisers and meetings have provided me the chance to feel connected to this group already and I just can't wait for March!

In addition to getting to know everyone, it has been so interesting to learn more about Oklahoma. I have definitely been one of those people who forgot about the tornado last May, but it is really eye-opening to hear how much help they still need. Tornadoes are something that I don't really know anything about, so I find myself so interested in and awe-struck by the power that these natural disasters present. I hope that ASB 2014 will be able to provide some help for those affected! I can't wait!

Molly Buckley
Class of 2015
Hi All,

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you and the wonderful state of Oklahoma!

As someone who has spent her whole life in New England, it is hard to imagine living in another part of the United States, especially one that is subject to so many natural disasters. Learning about Oklahoma, and the culture there, is a completely eye opening experience.  Today I learned that tornados and natural disasters are such an intricate part of life in Oklahoma. Although we cannot control the weather, we can help control how we treat our neighbors and friends when they are faced with these disasters. I am honored to be part a strong FSU community, as well as a strong OK support community.

Casey Tidwell
Class of 2014

The blogging struggle....Kaylee Brazell 2017

Hey ASBers! My title is the blogging struggle because I could not figure it out for the life of me for like the past few weeks! But now I am so happy I can finally post on the page:) We have obviously all just met (as a group) but this is definitely my favorite group on campus because everyone is so friendly and so kind. This group is always so smiley and are so helpful with everything. Going to college is so new to me and I was nervous about the people I was going to meet, but now that I have joined Alternate Spring Break I know I have already made genuine friends! Thank you for being so nice, I cannot wait to learn more about everyone and get ready for this amazing trip!

~~~ ASB ~~~

Hey all!

I am getting more and more excited for this trip! I think you are all honestly wonderful people, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you guys better. Maybe it is just because I have a passion for food, but I am SO excited to go out with some of you guys!! I hope to get to know some of you all a little better. I hope fundraising is going well for everyone as well. I know it is a little tough, but I think everyone is doing a great job! Keep up the great work and stay positive.

-Sam Ghika
Class of 2014

I am SO excited.

     Things are starting to get real, and I feel like the reality of what we are doing is starting to set in a little bit (but I’m sure there is more to come!) We have been doing a lot of fundraising and I have learned a lot about the tornados and about the area we will be visiting (Moore, Oklahoma) and I am beyond excited about this opportunity to go help with this relief effort. 
     Today I looked more into Habitat for Humanity program and I am very excited to work for this organization. I am getting to know a lot more people on the team and this too is SO EXCITING I already know we are going to have an amazing experience together, and I am so happy to be a part of this team.

Kendall Valente
Class of 2015


The transition from high school to college was so smooth and ASB has been such an important piece to really getting involved in school and making connections I know I probably never would've had if I didn't do this. It really is so much more than just a group of people coming together to help those in need: this is a family and a support group. This past month has flown by with so many fundraisers and events we've volunteered for and I know there's so much more in the next few months. I seriously can't wait to see what's in store for us in the next few months and the trip!

-Dan Larrivee
Class of 2017
Hello everyone,

I'm so excited to be going to Oklahoma with you all. I have already become friends with so many people through our meetings and fundraisers. I love that I can see an ASB member and be greeted by a welcoming hello. It is only November but I know that by the time we go to Oklahoma we will be such a close group.

Christopher Bunce
Class of 2016
Hey y'all!!

Every meeting I get so much more excited to go help everyone in Oklahoma! It's so awesome to start getting to know each other! Although I am still not perfect with everyone's names, I think I have the majority down. I hope I can look back at this blog and laugh about how I didn't know everyone!

Yay ASB!
Lauren Spina :)

Bills, bills, bills...

So, I have been pushing myself to fundraise more this past week, asking people for meal donations and to buy raffle tickets... and I've found that it's harder than I thought it was before. Perhaps because this is my third service trip, I'm often asking people for money. But when they find out why I'm asking them, most people are glad to help in any way. I'm getting to know more people in the group and I'm seeing them around campus frequently. It's nice to say hi to a familiar face. I'm getting more excited everyday to travel with these people, there's so much to learn about everyone.

Avarie Cook
Class of 2016

Can it be Spring Break yet?!

Hey all!

I absolutely cannot believe that it is already November! The time is FLYING by! The best part about that is the quicker the days pass, the sooner we will all be in Oklahoma! I am so excited to be on ASB once again and it will be an unforgettable experience for all of us and I just wish the clock would tick faster! All these fundraisers like the raffle, the Suit Jacket Posse show and the bake sales are all going so well.  I'm so ready to take on Oklahoma with all these fantastic people. But really, can it be spring break yet?!

Melissa Knox

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Introduction -

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for not being able to attend a single ASB meeting so far.  It is not because I don't like you -- promise -- I've been dying to meet all of our group!

In lieu of my absence, I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself. 

My name is Erika Maglio (pronounced MAH-lee-o  -- just pretend you are very Italian when you say it! Given that, however, I'm not all that Italian).

I transferred to FSU this past semester and also switched majors.  So, technically, I have junior standing but I'm taking freshman biology classes.  Estimated graduation:  no clue.  I'm a commuter, so forgive me if I often get lost on campus.

I like animals.  Creepy, crawly, furry, scaly, slimy; you name it.  And to go along with it, I like dirt and grass and natury-things. I am a volunteer/intern at Southwick's Zoo, where my best friend is an 8-month-old binturong with a nasty temper.  At home, I have a Great Dane, two cats and a tortoise (Mum won't let me get a snake. Or a bunny. Or a goat.).

I also have a steady babysitting gig.  Sometimes I feel like a mom, always running around driving one kid to math class and the other to swimming lessons. And reminding them to wear their coats and do their homework.

My family moved into a new house last March.  We've spent the last few months working on a giant, never-ending, restoration project. I'm in the process of turning the attic into my bedroom.  Last weekend I installed a new window! Well....I helped Dad. 

I like fruits & veggies, dinosaurs, antique furniture, classic novels, hiking, tattoos, camping, gardening, cooking food from other countries, crochet, traveling, and anything historical (particularly the Civil War Era).  In short, I'm kind of weird.

But, enough about me. I cannot wait to get to know all of you! And the best news of all, is that I will be at the meeting this Friday!!!

Hope to see you all then,


P.S. I might be kind of shy & quiet :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hi All, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to share one of my favorite quotes with you. 

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.

Have a wonderful week and keep doing good! 

-Casey Tidwell 
Class of 2014 

Monday, November 4, 2013

What?! It's already November?! EEEEK! Our trip to Oklahoma is quickly approaching!  I am loving my experience so far and I am also loving getting to know my fellow ASB-ers! Everyone is incredibly welcoming and I could not be happier to build relationships with my new friends. We all bring something special to the group and I can't wait to work together and make a positive impact on each other... and the world! 

Our discussion at Friday's meeting was incredibly moving and motivating. As an involved campus member and a Senior, I sometimes get caught up in my own problems and stressors, and because of this, forget how truly blessed I am. Reading Tori's article and participating in our group discussion reminded me how lucky I am to have supportive friends and family, the opportunity to receive an education, and food, water, and shelter. 

I can already tell that this experience will be life changing for me. I can not wait to see what else is in store for us! 

Love you all! You are all incredible human beings. 

Casey Tidwell 
Class of 2014

Food for thought...

Hello All,
I purchased a book for ASB that we may use in the coming months as we explore our role in affecting change, and I'd like to share a few lines from the introduction.  The name of the book is The Impossible Will Take a Little While edited by Paul Rogat Loeb.

"How difficult it is, though, to address such looming realities as weather gone haywire or a faltering economy when the day-to-day demands of job and family require so much of our attention.  Merely thinking about them is to flirt with disaster.
And no one is immune, not even those whose occupations or interests directly involve helping others or bringing about constructive social change."

Personally, I find these words extremely relevant.  Thinking of myself as a woman, a wife, a mother, an employee, a friend.  Thinking of paying the mortgage, daycare, bills, savings.  Thinking of spending time at work, time at home, with family and friends, time alone.  Thinking of the past, of today and of the future.

And also thinking of others- how do we all make it work?