Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Just Unreal

One hundred sixteen days, twenty two hours, forty two minutes, and some odd seconds and it will be the day I take flight with twenty eight amazing people who were once strangers merely two months ago. The idea of this still blows my mind.

The night I received the phone call telling me that I had been chosen to go on this trip, I danced around work for the rest of the night and wasn't even mad we had to stay an extra hour to clean the store that so many customers had destroyed. I literally couldn't wait to tell everyone... so obviously I posted it on facebook.

From that moment, I had been ecstatic about being able to experience this once in a lifetime trip that so many others would never even think twice about.

But now, sitting here in my dark apartment watching my boyfriend play video games, the idea of actually going to Oklahoma and helping so many people just seems like something that little me would never get the chance to do. It's just unreal. Its a feeling combined with excitement and awe, thankfulness and hope, fear and curiosity... and humility.

Honestly, I think the whole experience thus far, especially reading articles about the tornadoes that destroyed so many homes, schools, lives... they've just made me so incredibly thankful to be in my own shoes. It's made getting up in the morning and grabbing a bowl of cereal for breakfast something I can't go without thinking twice about. Because there are too many people in the world and in our own country that don't have that fortune. ASB has made me realize all the things I take for granted each day and I can't shrug them off anymore. But it's also made me not want to anymore. 

Instead I just want to change things.

I want to help at least one person be able to get up in the morning in their new house and just grab a bowl of cereal.

And even if I do only end up helping one person throughout this whole experience then that will be enough for me because thats still one less person that has to wake up each morning worrying about where they're even getting any food at all.

But what I'm most thankful for is that I'm surrounded by twenty eight other people that want to make a difference, too.

Now that's pretty cool.

Kimmi Awiszio

Class of 2015

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