Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"It's part of the Trip Leader Experience"

This year as a Trip Leader has been a totally different experience than last year as an ASB participant. There are many more challenges and stresses but they have all been ones that I have enjoyed tackling. From planning fundraisers and group meetings to fighting about our mascot's name, the whole process has been very rewarding, or as Claire would say, "It's part of the Trip Leader experience."

The most satisfying aspects of being a TL so far has been seeing the group mesh together to become one. I remember the night we picked our group we were so excited to make the calls and eventually see them at our meetings so they could each bring their uniqueness to the group dynamic. As the year has gone on, I am extremely proud of the work that this group has put in. They have put aside their own time and made a huge commitment to this program by group fundraising at the MC Lobby tables, attending meetings, and even selling raffle tickets to their friends and family to help pay for this trip. I know they will continue to push through the rest of the semester and into the next one so we can meet our fundraising goal. 

Having a group like the one we have this year has been a TL's dream. They're flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes, makes me motivated to be the best TL I can be. I also have two other amazing Trip Leaders, Amy and Tori, who push me to do the best I can. This has been a total team effort and I think we've gotten off to an amazing start!

TL Brandon Martinez
Class of 2016

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