Friday, November 15, 2013


I absolutely cannot believe that I have the chance to go on Alternative Spring Break for a second time! Words really cannot describe how fortunate I feel. However, although it is my second time, this year has already provided me with a new and exciting experience. The members of the group that I have had the chance to spend time with are so great, and I am already excited to spend time with those who I have not had the chance to get to know. The fundraisers and meetings have provided me the chance to feel connected to this group already and I just can't wait for March!

In addition to getting to know everyone, it has been so interesting to learn more about Oklahoma. I have definitely been one of those people who forgot about the tornado last May, but it is really eye-opening to hear how much help they still need. Tornadoes are something that I don't really know anything about, so I find myself so interested in and awe-struck by the power that these natural disasters present. I hope that ASB 2014 will be able to provide some help for those affected! I can't wait!

Molly Buckley
Class of 2015

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