Saturday, October 8, 2011

Only 153 more days until ASB 2012!

This is a big week for Alternative Spring Break 2012. It is the week that applications are due! I remember being in this place last year, wanting more than anything to attend this trip and trying to figure out what to write in my application. However, there was a brief time that I hesitated submitting my application.

Looking back, I wish I had never hesitated. Where would I be if I hadn't applied? Could I really have missed out on this opportunity? For many people the idea of leaving home to travel somewhere new is scary. I know I felt that way! The thought of attending a trip that none of my friends were applying for also scared me. But then I remembered this: at the end of ASB I would be able to look back and say that I did my best as one person to make a difference, that I was able to step outside my own comfort zone to help someone else so much worse off than myself. If anyone out there is hesitating, I encourage you all to keep the bigger picture in mind. As scary and uncertain as new experiences can be, they can also be life changing and wonderful.

This time last year I hardly knew anything about Alternative Spring Break and now it is a driving force in my life. This one trip has literally turned my academic life upside down, leading me to switch my major, and has allowed me to reevaluate what my true purpose is in this world. Imagine if I let my own fears and hesitation in applying hold me back? I don't think I would be who I am without Alternative Spring Break.

So please, please apply. You owe it to yourself to see what it is all about :)

Looking forward to hopefully reading your application on Friday!

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