Monday, September 24, 2012

We're almost there!

WOW time flies! It's such an awesome feeling to be so close to having a group! Going to Joplin, MO was such an amazing experience, and I'm so excited to be a part of ASB 2013. My perspective, now as a trip leader, has completely shifted from last year. Right now, I just really want to get as many wonderful people as possible involved in this experience. I hope it will change them the way that it changed me, and I want to make sure that I'm making their ASB experience as amazing and life-changing as possible. Picking the group (and the chaperones!) will, I'm sure, be a stressful, but absolutely rewarding experience in the end :)
-Tori Dost
"Blessed are those who see beauty in humble places, where others see nothing." -Camille Pissarro


  1. Glad to read about such a great initiative. Do you guys offer opportunities for sponsors and funding? If so, please email me at, I'd love to hear more about how my law firm in Framingham could get involved.


  2. Hey tori,
    How do you make a new blog? I am not able to figure it out.
    Nick Magliozzi