Sunday, September 26, 2010


So today we will be shopping for some cute little treats and trinkets to put in care packages that will be auctioned off at home coming weekend! I feel great that we are getting such an early start on fund raising for the trip. Everything is coming together so well. It feels like we are on the same page right now that we were last December or January. Working together with the other trip leaders and Angel to make the vision we have for this trip become a reality is so inspiring. We are working together so well and really bonding through the process and I can envision now how this same effect will hold true when we finally have our group! Imagine the strength of our community as we work together and get closer and closer to reaching our goal of service in [location] with [organization]. It is so uplifting! I just can't wait to meet together, fund raise together, serve together, and grow and expand this notable program together. TOGETHER-what a fun word. <3

Speaking of a group, tonight will be our second general interest meeting for all students to attend who are interested in being a part of this amazing experience. I'm so excited to lead another meeting and share once again with students how wonderful it is to spend your Spring Break making a difference. I hope to see you all there!

Much love,
Trip Leader

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