Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Meeting!

My friends!

Today we had our 5th Trip Leader meeting, two of which were over the summer. During these meetings we talk about our plans, where to go, what to do, how we are going to fund-raise, events we are going to have and what this trip is going to be like overall! Very exciting stuff, and after every meeting we leave walking on a cloud with irrepressible smiles. 

We also had our first General Interest Meeting this Wednesday and had 35 very excited faces there! Monday the 17th at 7:00 in Club Room 3 is the second General Interest Meeting. I know many people came to find out where we are going and who we are working with, but unfortunately we cannot release that information yet. 

We have been working incredibly hard to make this trip happen. We have picked out and ideal location and organization and are currently working on planning a budget for the entire trip as well as waiting for the trip location to be approved through the school. Today I called the Police Department of our ideal location to check up on the safety in the area. Good news! It is very safe, and this is one small step closer to getting this trip approved and being able to spread the word.

Trust us we are as anxious to find out as you are! We will keep you updated :)

Be well,
Kendra Sampson 
Trip Leader

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