Sunday, January 22, 2012

Extreme Home Makeover

On Friday the 13th Extreme Home Makeover aired the series finale. The two hour special focused on Joplin, Missouri. The episode is able to tell the story of the devestating tornado as well as the personal stories of seven families. The show was able to build seven homes in seven days for seven families who had their lives turned upside down. Eyeopening and Emotionally, the episode is able to encompass many, yet I am sure not all, of the feelings and stpries that are held in Joplin Missouri.

Check it out- 

Watching the show, I was filled with so many emotions. My heart broke and ached immensley for the families and individuals affected by this storm, yet I was filled with encouragement and strength knowing that Joplin can and will be rebuilt making it stronger than ever before.

Kendra Sampson
Trip Leader

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