Saturday, February 18, 2012

Acts of Kindness

 Two days ago I witnessed the power of helping one another, and I want to share the story.

An older woman came into the store that I work in, but when she tried to enter the door she got stuck. Her wedding ring was attached to the door and it caused her diamond to fall out of her ring. I went over to her and her face was white and she was shaking pretty badly. "No, no, no. My diamond. Please, please we have to find it." The poor woman was seconds away from tears and I knew the value of this diamond was far more than money.

Immediately the workers helped her try to find it on the ground. Due to bad timing, the store experienced a rush right at this moment. As the line grew the woman stood at the register, white as a ghost and broken hearted. One woman, hearing what had happened, was on her hands and knees searching the pavement for the stone. Out of a miracle, the woman found it and walked up to the older woman, "I found it." The women embraced and the older woman started to cry. "Thank you, thank you so very much. I can't even tell you." The younger woman smiled and just said "You're welcome I am so happy you found it."

Once the older woman had left, the younger one was still in the store. She came up to the register tears still in her eyes. I'm just so happy she found it." I was moved by the woman's sense of empathy and care for a complete stranger. Her heart broke for the older woman and she was able to fix it simply by taking a moment to help. When I expressed my thanks to the woman, she smiled and looked at me, "Just pay it forward. Someday, someone is going to need your help, and all you have to do is pay it forward."

This experience once again proved the value and power of helping one another. No matter if it is small or massive, giving someone a hand can do nothing but make this world a better, more connected, and kinder place.

Spread the love,
Kendra Sampson
Trip Leader

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