Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is hanging in there with school work, and I hope the seniors are enjoying their last semester just as much as I am! It is starting to settle in that I will be leaving in just a few short months - sad!

I think us ASB members are starting to finally to form as a group. To be honest, I was not super comfortable last semester since I didn't know everyone, and it was just an odd adjustment for me. However, I told myself to return back to ASB after Winter Break with a more positive attitude and an open mind, and it's working! Although I do not know every single member of ASB as much as I had hoped to by now, I am trying to get to know everyone as best I can, and I hope that other members try to do that as well. It is so great to see some of the members step up and suggest we go to dinner or lunch or something; I think it shows how much we want to interact with one another besides Friday's from 4-5 pm!

Also, while I have a chance, I think I can speak for all the ASB members when we say how much we appreciate the trip leaders. Amy, Brandon and Tori do so much for the group and I am sure there is so much behind the scenes action that we have no idea about. Stay awesome you three, and thanks for everything!

If I counted correctly, only 35 days until we leave?! This is so crazy...

-Sam Ghika
Class of 2014

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