Monday, October 28, 2013

Here... We... Go...

So I felt particularly inspired to blog last week after our first fundraising show, “Duets Doing Good,” because it was the first time the group was all-together in an informal setting. I could just look ahead and see how well we were all going to get along and how much the new members are going to get out of this experience. I officially met about half of the group during our first meeting Monday, but didn’t get the chance to introduce myself to everyone. After the show, I definitely feel like it’ll be easier to get to know everyone else I haven’t met and get to know those I have, better. Helping out at these fundraisers is going to be like group bonding activities, which will make me excited to get those fundraising hours done! I’m getting very excited for this trip and everything is looking up.

Avarie Cook
Class of 2016

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