Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hi all! So we have done a few fundraisers so far including the Duets show, and our bake sale that we just wrapped up today! I thought they both went great, and while working the Bake Sale tables I really got to know some of the ASB members that I did not know that well. Just like everyone else I am sure, I have been beyond busy this semester doing things for work, clubs, and grad school. I feel like I am so consumed sometimes by everything, and I am finding less and less time for myself. However, I have been really thinking about this trip and how genuinely excited I am for it! At the end of the day when I am thinking about everything, I really do realize how lucky I am to be going on a trip like this. Even though it is four months away, I am going to challenge myself to really take this experience all in as much as I can. Because before I know it, it is going to be March and we are going to be off to Oklahoma! I can't wait to become more acquainted with everyone, and start to really build those friendships that I have been waiting to create. Stay awesome everyone!

Sam Ghika
Class of 2014

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