Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let the fun times...

Begin! Let me just say that I am fantastically excited to travel to Biloxi with my fellow ASBers. Volunteering is a passion that I have had for a long time now, but I've got to admit, it's been a while since I've done my last bit of work. Despite this fact, I will never forget the amazing feeling of helping someone in need. Or even just the experience and knowledge of knowing how someone else is living their life; the struggles and hardships that they have to go through almost every single day.... This is what drives me to continue. Knowing that I can do something to lessen somebody else's pain is amazing. We're constantly told that there's a cause here and a cause there, but my question always is: "Yeah, well, what can I do about it?" This is the action. This is what I can do.

Avarie Cook
Class of 2016

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