Monday, February 4, 2013

"When was the last time you've done something for someone else?"

"When was the last time you've done something for someone else?"

That question seems simple enough, right? At least that's what I thought when my high school history teacher asked that question to the class. I started to think of what I've done lately and tried to be as objective as possible making sure not give myself the benefit of the doubt. The longer I thought about his question, I realized that most of what I do is for me. Despite having opportunities like having a job, being able to go to college, or having a home, a majority of the time I only thought about what I needed. I felt selfish at first but I think everyone does somethings for themselves. It's not like I was being rude to people and blatantly ignoring what they needed but it's easy to caught up in what's going on in your own life. 

Ever since my teacher asked me that question I always try to be more aware of what I have and how I can give some of that to others. That's why this opportunity to go to Biloxi is such a blessing. As a group we will be able to give our efforts and hard work to people who need it most. Even if we're only in Mississippi for a week, our contribution will not only a difference to the community of Biloxi but to our lives as well. I hope that we can come together on this trip and enjoy each other's company but most importantly understand how fortunate we are to be in a position where we are the ones who can help those less fortunate.

-Brandon Martinez
Class of 2016

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