Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wait is Almost Over...

          I can't believe that Alternative Spring Break 2013 is almost here. It seems so surreal that we are only a month away from getting on a plane and heading over to Biloxi. I'm so fortunate that I get to spend my Spring Break with an amazing group of people to make a difference. When I learned about ASB in September, I knew from Day 1 that I wanted to take on such a great opportunity. To be picked from 60 applicants to join this incredible team is completely mind-blowing. I couldn't be more lucky and thankful to be a part of this trip and volunteer to help others in need. 
          I look back at times when I complain about having a bad day, or that nothing is ever good enough in my life. Then I realize that there are others who are going through much worse in their lives, whether its from disease, poverty or natural disasters. I see what others went through and almost feel guilty for it. I'm beyond fortunate in my life while others out there are struggling. My sister has done plenty of volunteer work by helping at a Nine Lives Cat Shelter every weekend. Now its my turn. Instead of being lazy at home during break, I'm ready to take on the journey of a lifetime and head down to Mississippi with a remarkable team. There is no better feeling, knowing that I can help change someones life for the better. Im beyond excited to form new bonds, make new memories and help make a change.
          I'm also excited to see Biloxi's cousins at the Gator Ranch, but who isn't?!

The wait is almost over.... and I'm ready to take on an amazing adventure.
Biloxi, Mississippi, here we come! :)

- Katie Durst Class of 2016

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