Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ending my senior year with a bang

  The moment we all have been waiting for is almost upon us.  Can you believe it?  Only a few months ago we were all sweating (or maybe it was just me) wondering if we were going to have the opportunity to go on this trip.  Now here we are only a month and half before we leave.  This is the most excited I have been this year, and no I don't mean for 2013 I mean for the entire school year.
  The people on this trip all seem great in their own unique way and sometimes I feel out of place.  However, they I remember that all of us share the same passion of our willingness to help people out.  We are all selfless individuals and going on this trip over our spring break shows it.  Before the first meeting I was already friends with a few people in this group.  However, since this group has started I have been able to not only strength those friendships, but to build others as well.  I was able to really connect with Lauren.  It is nice to see someone who is really involved with a sport come on this trip too.  I feel as sports players we sometimes get a bad rep, but it is nice to see her coming on such a worthwhile trip.
  Now being the typical italian I have probably talked and rambled for much too long.  I have never been known for being concise.  I will just sum up the rest of what I have to say by exclaiming I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS TRIP AND LET'S ALL MAKE IT A TRIP WE WILL NEVER FORGET.  I think I got my point across.

Nick Magliozzi

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