Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi All, 

I went to the dentist on Saturday morning, and coincidentally, I learned that my dentist was born and spent his early childhood in Oklahoma! Although I could not speak back, because he was looking at my mouth (LOL), he was sharing with me how special of a place Oklahoma is and during this, I could see on his face how much it meant to him to hear that a group of local college students were dedicating their spring break for the people of Oklahoma. After my visit, he gave me a warm hug, thanked me, and told me to thank all of my friends who would be joining me along this journey. So, from my dentist in Rhode Island to you all, THANK YOU!

I found this exchange extremely heartwarming for not only could I see how much this news made him happy and proud, but this experience also taught me to remember how many people we are impacting with our work. You never know how many people (even across the country) you are impacting by doing an act of service. 

A week and a half!

Love Y'all. 

Casey Tidwell, '14

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