Monday, March 17, 2014

Too Much

Wow. It amazes me that we've only been here for two days. I feel like we've accomplished so much and we haven't even started building yet. It's so cool how we're all so eager to work that everyone is constantly offering to help and do things for people.

Any who, I've felt especially inspired the past 24 hours and I'm not so good with the stereotypical journaling concept, but rather the "word vomit" strategy. Just a warning, this is a work in progress. And to remind anyone who reads this later on, we went to the Bombing Museum today and it was... well it was too much at some points, but it was worth it.
*trigger warning*

Too Much

You're going about your routine day, when
not 3 hours in and a blast that knocks you down
comes from nowhere. And
all you can do is scream and run and try your hardest
to not make eye contact with
the lifeless surrounding you;
a growing population you do not want to join.
But maybe you make it outside and
maybe there is a breeze you did not believe
would hit your skin again and
for a moment there is relief.
But then there are more yells
and pain emanates the atmosphere.
There were jobs and daycares and
children and parents and
you are still breathing, but part of you did not survive.
It is dead with your coworkers who 
never made it off the 5th floor,
dead with the strangers only there for a meeting,
and dead with the babies who parents 
were in too much of a hurry to hug them goodbye.
It is gone and buried in the rubble and you will not find it with a pulse.
It may be recovered someday, but
you will have to wait 41 days to find out if it is yours.

Kimmi Awiszio
Class of 2015

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