Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hi all!

I had so much fun yesterday at our last meeting before we go to Oklahoma! I got to know everyone so much better, and I am so thankful none of us got eaten by those piranhas! I really enjoyed the last activity we did where we all got to read a part of everyone's applications. That was really special, and I think reminded us all of why we are going on this trip, it warmed my heart a little bit!

I cannot believe that in just one week we will all be together in Oklahoma... this is crazy! I am so so excited, but starting to get a little nervous too! I am especially nervous for such hard labor since this is something I have never done before. I am really looking forward to challenging myself, but it's scaring me at the same time!

I hope everyone enjoys their last week of classes before we leave! Good luck on the papers/exams some of you might have this week.

-Sam Ghika
Class of 2014

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