Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funtimes in Sunhine

Thus far this week has been an amazing experience.  On Monday we went into the New Orleans and went on a tour and it was very enlightening and helpful.  We went to the Fle-Market after the tour and I bought some gifts for my friends and family... and a few things for myself. 

On Tuesday (our first work day) we divided up into groups and i choose to work on the house that didn't involve a lot of heights.  That day we made the dirt even on the ground because the foundation had already been set when we got there.  We then put termite protectors on top of all the lifts (that keep the house protected from future floods) to protect them from termites and many other bug infections. 
    After dinner that night we did an activity called "True Colors" It was fun to learn about all the different personality's that we have and how we can work with one another to make this trip a good one.

Wednesday back at the work site we started to really build the bottom of the house and had some issues making everything square but once that was all worked on connection the boards to the termite protectors.

Today (Thursday) we started putting the floor on and it was really fun!! The only difficult thing was frequently the nails would bend and you would have to pull nails out and redo them.  They would almost always be easier to do the second time though :) Speedy (one of the supervisors) was really helpful because he was patient with us and would help people (and myself) hammer nails.

Tomorrow is our last day at the work site and will be sad yet exciting because we get to go home always having the memories of Alternative Spring Break 2011!!!!

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