Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Orleans, Who Dat?

          Here I am again, my second year volunteering for Habitat for Humanity during spring break. This year we dedicated our time to Louisiana to help with the damage caused by the broken levees after Katrina. I still can not believe I am actually here. Being in Louisiana and seeing neighborhoods still in ruins six years later is saddening. Ever since we got here all we have heard from locals are "thank yous" and "we truly appreciate what you are doing". Hearing this from people who experienced the terrible tragedy is heart warming; it motivates me when I am on the Habitat work site. 
           We are here with 30 unique personalities, and I must say we all make a great group! I absolutely love these people. Everyday someone is making me smile or laugh until I have tears rolling down my face. 
            The work site this year has been so fun! I worked with 20 other ASBers the first day and we started building the foundation of a home. The second and third day I overcame my fear and worked on the roof of another habitat home. The scariest part is climbing up and down the ladder, but I told Dave, the construction supervisor, that I will be sliding down it by tomorrow, ha! Working on the roof has been awesome. I am quite the professional at hammering in nails now, my Dad sure will be proud. The Habitat workers we have met are great, genuine people. I've been working with Dave and Noah who have been awesome supervisors and friends. (plus, Noah is a real cutie patootie..mmhmm). Speedy, who I haven't officially met sounds so neat. He has a deep southern accent and has got to be the friendliest man alive. 
              I am really upset that we have to leave in two days. I want to finish our homes and keep helping the people of Louisiana! I am really going to miss the people, the habitat site, and the whole lifestyle of the south. They've got po-boys, gumbo, jumbalaya, and free ice cream at SONIC! woah :)  
              ...It's bonfire time! 

Be Well Y'all! <3      

p.s. don't forget that Dinner is at 5:00pm, not 5:01 or 5:03  ;)
- Sarah "O'Howe"


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