Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Nail At A Time

The first night here we watched "Trouble the Water" together as a group. It was very informative and addressed issues the media never covered. I also learned a lot from the tour we took while in New Orleans specifically discussing Katrina. From this tour I learned that it was not truly the hurricane that hurt the city but was more of the flood produced by the levees breaking. We saw many homes that were abandoned and shut down due to the flood. In Abita Louisiana we are buildings homes for displaced people of the flood. I have been working on one site each day and am hoping to meet the owner tomorrow. Today was a very productive and enjoyable day. We were able to lay some of the floor and I hope tomorrow that we will be able to get several walls up! A lot of hammering has taken place but slowly but surely the house is coming together which is really cool to see at the end of each day! Our supervisor Jon is really friendly and funny - he goes with the flow of our energetic spirits! I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day, it all went by really quickly!

~Emily Josselyn

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