Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Miss Y'all

I never thought I would miss living with 12 other girls, but last night I sure did miss my ASB roommates. I couldn't fall asleep. I thought about all of us laughing late at night over stupid jokes like Kerrin's noises and Carolyn's "silent laugh"!  That comfort was missing.

Being back at school I feel out of place. I want to be back in Louisiana hammering in shingles and soaking up the sun. This transition to school work is difficult; my mind is somewhere else.

Although I've been able to see most of my ASB family around campus, it's just not the same. We wave and say hello, but most likely we are sitting at different tables with different people. Our college friends may never realize how close one week has brought all of us together ... and if they ever get sick of your crazy stories, just remember there will always be someone sitting nearby who you can laugh with :)

p.s. I have taken a picture of my Horse Collection for y'all - get excited!

- Sarah <3

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