Thursday, March 17, 2011

Krista Landry: Holy ROOF!?

Hello All a message from Krista,
Day 1-I cannot believe my first day working with the St. Tammany West Habitat for Humanity I was on a roof that only had the wooden beams.  All I can remember is Julie looking down from the top of the ladder and saying "ummm where am I supposed to stand?!"  As I climbed the ladder I could feel my fingers trembling.  I looked over and the wooden beams were  barely enough for me to stand on.... EEEKKKK - what a thrill!!! I helped build an entire side of a roof and put the wooden boards down- I never knew I could do such a thing.

Day 2- Came and went and I worked on another house where I met a woman that I knew we would be changing her life each nail we nailed into each board.  I helped build a foundation where every board had to be the correct measure - if not it was starting from scratch once again. No Joke!  All the different nails there are and I never knew it - it is very important to use the correct nails for each part of different woods - such as pressure treated and non-pressure treated.

**Don't forget to drink lots of water when you are working with Habitat for Humanity... or else you may not feel your best at the end of the day!!**

Day 3- (St. Patty's Day) All of us wore the same T-Shirts and it felt like such a united front of Framingham State University Students- what a bond we are all getting with the time we are spending together here in Louisiana!
 I continued to work on the same foundation of the house from Day 2 today and it was great.  It is awesome to be able to see the progress our team has been making with this house.  The owner came today as well and brought us a little lunch - There is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING like a home cooked Louisiana meal!  It was amazing you could feel the thankfulness pouring out of the meal from this woman's heart - such an awesome feeling!  We started laying the floor boards by the end of the day today and we can actually stand on it what an awesome accomplishment!  :)

Super excited for tomorrow but a little said that this amazing adventure is coming to an end... I cannot believe with all the planning, fund raising, and group bonding the trip is coming to an end already.  All I keep thinking of is how each and every one of us are changing peoples' lives that was changed for them not within their controls.

That's it for now... I'll keep you posted for later information.

-Krista (the tool woman) Landry

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