Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pennies and Sunshine

When I was doing fundraising, I was one of those people who would shake my jar of coins at you, hoping for some spare change.  So many people apologized for giving me pennies.  I told them that it was just fine, anything helps. 
I find it interesting that people will actually apologize for donating money to a worthy cause.  I don't actually know the cost of a nail, but I'm sure it can't be very expensive.  I'm sure that the pennies that people apologized for could pay for a lot of nails.  Okay, I just looked it up.  Home Depot has a pack of 2000 nails for $16.58.  Divide that by 2000 and you get 0.00829.  Yay math, and yay pennies!  See?  Your pennies are extremely helpful!
Secondly, I just want to let y'all know that I really don't like the heat.  I don't like to stay out in the sun for long periods of time, and I always avoid going to the beach.  I'm pale and that's how I like it.  And this week, it's gotten pretty hot in the afternoons, especially sitting in direct sunlight, hammering in the endless nails.  BUT.  It doesn't bother me.  I sit in the sun and make my house, and I'm loving it.  I stay hydrated, and I don't even notice the heat.  I learned that a few years ago--it doesn't matter the weather, or where you are.  It's what you're doing that matters.  And if you love what you're doing, you'll be happy.  And besides, why complain about the heat when I can celebrate the fact that I'm fortunate enough to be down here building a house for someone who needs it?
How cool is that?!
--Joanne C, class of 2012

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