Sunday, February 22, 2015

19 days 17 hours 23 mins and 45 seconds... but who's counting

I have learned so much about Detroit through this whole experience. Mainly how much it has changed. It is crazy to me that a major city can go through so much change. Looking at how many of the houses have changed from being vacant to demolished amazes me. I have been to poor parts of the world but I think this will be a totally different for me because it is in the states.  I have no idea what to expect to see in Detroit. Part of me feels like it'll be like Brooklyn or some other major city, of course adding in the vacant buildings. I feel like the people that live there will be grateful for what were doing, just like they are grateful for the young 'hipsters' who have moved there over the past couple years. I know I will be excited to see they way community comes together in Detroit. I love the fact that the people of Detroit are trying to make parks and gardens and different places for community. It is something that my hometown of Attleboro has and something that I know will make me happy.

I have an idea of what to expect Detroit to be like, but I know as soon as I get there the city will change me.

Caitlin Murray
Class of 2016

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