Sunday, February 22, 2015

Colin + Barry Forever

So far ASB has been a life changing experience, and we haven’t even gone on the trip yet! I have been surrounded by so many incredible people that have all inspired me in different ways. You are all awesome. Especially Barry.

I am excited for our mission to go to Detroit and help the homeless. We have learned about Detroit’s rough past the last fifty or so years, but I know that when we go we will see a Detroit that is much more than the negativity that it's usually associated with. Amidst a city with a rough past will be hope. I am excited to meet and connect with the people of Detroit, and to bring my passion and hope for change.

It is hard for me to draw comparisons between my hometown Acton and Detroit. Acton is a small, privileged town and I have been blessed to have been able to grow up there. While Detroit and Acton may have obvious differences on the outside, I know that deep down we both share common humanity, compassion, and dignity.

Peace out,


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