Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thinking about Detroit

1. I did not know how rural it is; when I think of a city I think of something similar to NYC or Boston. However, looking at the video that was presented to us, I saw that there is quite a large rural section. I enjoyed hearing that there is more of a rebirth coming about today in Detroit. It is easy to just think of the city as being in shambles, and as the video discussed, there is more attention given to the fact that the city is suffering. However, it is important to consider the alternative life that people are uplifting nowadays. The younger population (teens and young adults) are seeing the city as having potential to be in a good standing again. I am happy to see that people are really working together to put the broken pieces of Detroit back together.
2. I originally expected to just see a lot of buildings and commercial lots; however, after watching the video I saw that there was also a large rural area in Detroit. It was discussed how going through the streets, you will see vacant houses among elaborate houses. I think that would be interesting to see because usually when you think of a neighborhood, you think of a singular "look" or pattern. I also think that there will be a very spaced out population, as it has shrunk so much over time. I am excited to see Detroit and learn more about it via the trip.
3. My home town is small. It is a densely populated, rural community and it does not really have many commercial residencies. Detroit is huge and seems to have both a rural portion as well as a more city- like feel to it, including places to go and activities. My town lacks this, however I think the most that they will be similar is the rural portion.

                                                                                        Julia Jarvis, Junior

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