Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pre-ASB Reflection

I was most surprised to learn about all of the abandoned homes and buildings in Detroit. When I first told my family and friends I was going on this trip, many of them reacted in a negative or confused way. So before even learning anything about the city, I kind of had negative preconceived notions of what was going on there. I knew the city was in trouble, but I never imagined that there could actually be so many abandoned buildings in a city. It just seems strange and so unheard of to have a major city actually be abandoned.

I expect to see those buildings that we learned about. I think I might initially feel very out of place or out of my element because I have not spent much time anywhere where I am the minority. It will be interesting to be put in that position. Also exciting. I'm not sure what else I expect to see.

On the basic level, Detroit and my hometown are similar because both places serve as a home to families and individuals that are trying their best each day to live a happy life. I also think my town and Detroit are similar because both are recently experiencing a revival. The joke throughout my life is that my town is a ghost town after 8:00 pm because it's a small town and not much goes on there. Recently, new businesses and restaurants have been built and running and have really turned my small town into a hip downtown that all different kinds of people enjoy. While still much smaller than Detroit, it's cool to see that even small communities can rebuild themselves.

Maria Motta

Class of 2017

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