Sunday, February 22, 2015

Looking Forward!

The most surprising thing that I have learned about Detroit is that the city is currently in a state of rebirth. When we are in Detroit this spring break I will want to keep that in mind because our group will be adding to the rebirth of the city. Volunteerism is one of the best ways to aid the city because we want to benefit the people there as much as possible. I expect to see lots of the abandoned buildings and homes that are a common part of Detroit, but will take notice of the new structures being built such as new schools, parks, and community gardens. My hometown and Detroit were known for having large factories. We are the furniture capital and a majority of those buildings have minimized. I notice how my town is working on the rebirth of certain areas as well. I hope that coming back home for the summer after visiting Detroit I can bring something back to my home town to help.

Samantha Joseph '16

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