Monday, February 23, 2015

Pre-ASB Reflection

         Before I began to share my thoughts so far, I just want to express how excited and grateful I am to be given this wonderful opportunity for a memorable life changing experience.

          The more information we learn about Detroit, the more surprised I become to learn about a completely different part of our world.  I am astonished with how much change Detroit has been through over these years. All these change of poverty levels, homelessness and overall dynamic of the city has changed in such relatively short amount of time. It is incredibly sad how many people have been affected by the city's economic repercussions.  So much can happen in a short amount of time that many people do not expect to happen to their home.

       I am excited to see the vast differences of culture in one city, caused from years of trouble. Although I am sure we will experience and see the downsides of the city such as all the abandoned buildings, I am eager to see all the beautiful changes the city is undergoing in hopes to improve it altogether. In a video we saw, some of the people who currently live in the are frustrated with the way the media portrays the city. These residents say if the media took a picture of the building next to a rundown building, they would also experience all the wonderful things the city is trying to improve and fix. I want to see the other side of the camera to experience all the positives the city has to offer. The city was once an amazingly strong place ahead of its time setting new standards in history, I want to experience the city that changed the world one car at a time.     

       My hometown is a very small town with more buffalo than people, not really it is just a saying we have in Rutland, MA because we have a buffalo farm. There are many differences between Rutland  and Detroit because one is a very small town as the other is a large city. The only similarity I can find between these two places is the fact they are both going through a renewing processes. Rutland was once a town with hospitals for people who need fresh air of the country after being in the polluted city.  Many of the hospitals were knocked down when the neighborhoods were being built, but one remained until recently. This hospital was in a large gated area to prevent anyone from entering.  I have a family background in real estate, so I only thought about this empty building the way I was conditioned to think of vacant homes. I never really considered people could be living in the building or using the empty space for bad things. After this building was knocked down, a pathway was built in its trail leading to my towns middle school. Along with this new pathway, the town is trying to make it more appealing for all the residents by building new residents and creating fun activities for families.

Victoria Gibbs
Class of 2018

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