Sunday, March 1, 2015

While I am sure that all of us are in the same boat, I've been looking for the right word to sum up my emotions in finally realizing it's less than two weeks until we go to Detroit. I would probably choose exhilarated, like when you experience the first drop on a roller coaster. You are waiting for it to come and finally we are right before that drop. For the next two weeks, I want to prepare myself as much mentally as I can for this trip. Being someone who has never even attempted something like this, I know I need time to condense my thoughts and be truly present. I keep thinking about how was these months flew by and how fast the Detroit week will go by. My biggest goal is to remain present and remember why I choose to do this, because ready or not, here we come!

Safe travels,

Carla Mungovan
Class of 2015

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