Thursday, March 19, 2015

Detroit will forever be in my heart....

During this trip i have been thinking a lot about my past experiences here in Detroit. I have not been able to quite connect the two trips together but in a sense i feel as though this has been an extension of my past trip. Overall this trip has been very different from my last and it has been very draining but in a good way. I love this city, in the 5 years since I have been here I have always said that if I did not live in Massachusetts then I would want to live in Detroit. My experiences I have had this past week have been amazing. I have met some of most amazing people who will forever have a place in my heart. Today I was with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries at one of their men's shelters. I was talking with a man named Kenny who had been at the shelter for about 2 weeks. We sat and talked for about 20 minutes and for me it was the best 20 minutes of this trip. He told me about how he ended up in Detroit and how he ended up in this shelter. When we were finishing up our conversation he looked at me and said how he had never talked to someone for so long. He said he was used to listening to people talking and saying very few words and not being the one that was doing all the talking. I was so honored to be that person that he opened up to and shared his story with. He had such a positive attitude even though he was in one of the worst places in his life and I admire him for that. He talked about how he overcame his drug addiction and the temptations that are all around him. He told me that he has found himself and he is looking forward to what is next in his life. 
Talking with people like Kenny throughout this trip has made me really think about myself. All of the people that I have talked are in worse situations than i am but they have better attitudes than i do. After this trip I am challenging myself to looking within myself and be grateful for all i have accomplished. I can get upset over the smallest things, and half the time those things are not even important in the long run. If these people who have nothing can have positive attitudes then i too can have a positive attitude. A piece of me will always remain in Detroit. This city 5 years ago changed my life and 5 years later it has done it again. I will forever be grateful to Detroit for opening my eyes and making me the person who I have become. 

Lauren Donnelly
Class of 2017

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