Friday, March 20, 2015

A Puzzle Piece in the Puzzle of Change

One Place. One Week. One group. One trip. The old me is gone and the new me is here. I think only twenty six other people will ever be able to understand how I am feeling at this exact moment, and as the many emotions hit us all it is hard to even begin to express them in words. I am with the most amazing group of men and women. Each of you are an intricate piece of this group, and will and already have changed the world as we know it. A wise man a few days ago told me that each decision and action we make impacts others in ways we could never even possibly imagine. What we have done in the last week may seem small, but it is the one post lifted that can change everything. This week we have seen heartbreak and devastation. Abandoned homes, destroyed pieces of land, and hungry bellies fill the streets. In Detroit, being homeless is not the exception, but a sort of culture. It is so common that is no longer unusual but usual. As much as seeing that has broken all our hearts, it also inspires us all. You would think that Detroit would give up. Never try for something that may seem hopeless. I have never met another group of people who are more grateful or happy. For people who have close to nothing, they act like they have everything. We did so little in comparison to what needs to be done yet they act like we are all angels sent from Heaven. Not that I don't agree because these guys are pretty special, but the fact that a simple meal or conversation can make someone's day just shows what inspirational people those who reside in Detroit are. A few weeks ago I didn't think that I would want to venture to Detroit after this trip, but now I know coming back here is no longer a choice but a requirement. As one man told me, Boston is where we are from and will always hold the title of home in our hearts, but Detroit it is now a part of us as well. One part that I would never change for the world. They were right being here was not a coincidence, but an assignment. We were meant to be here, and even if we can not see it we are the change this city and country needs. We are the future, and I know all of you will take this crazy world by storm. Never forget your worth. Never forget to see the light in darkness. And never ever forget to see what we have all felt in this wonderful place by all who inhabit it. Never lose your sense of hope, because in a world of uncertainty and having little control HOPE is the one thing that has and always will get us through this crazy thing called life.

Lots of Love and Thanks,

Michaela Lombardo Class of 2017<3 <3 :) :)

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