Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding Compassion and Love in Detroit

     Each day of ASB has been this diverse combination of people, stories, service, and experiences. Each day has left my heart fuller, my smile brighter and my ambitions higher. Yet, at the same time I have been on the verge of tears as I'm overcome by emotions. And at this points, it's impossible for me to try to explain or reflect on everything I have seen, heard, and learned in Detroit. Despite all these thoughts that are currently flooding my mind, spending a week in Detroit has given me a huge lesson in compassion and love.

     Everything on ASB has somehow been connected to this wonderful message of compassion and love. When I listen to people at Cass and Detroit Rescue Missions speak, I see how much compassion people are capable of. Some of the stories have shown me compassion within the organizations, and how much they believe in the mission of their organization. Some of our friends at Cass and DRMM have exhibited a strong sense of love towards the homeless population, and welcome everyone with open arms. Green Industries exemplifies how much we need to care about our earth, and how simple it is to do. The Heidelberg project overwhelmed me with compassion for art and beauty, which is incredible given nature of the area. When I attended the church service at Cass, the main thing I saw was how loving people are towards one another and their God. And finally, these amazing 26 other people I am with have proven to be not only compassionate about the work that we are doing and people we are helping, but also the towards each other.

     I am so lucky to be apart of ASB 2015. I know that the few days of volunteering we did in Detroit is  going to teach me more then I could have ever imagined. I am so sad to be leaving Detroit and my fellow ASB-ers but I am inspired to go home with my rekindled attitude of compassion and see what wonderful things we are capable of!

Emily Incledon, Class of 2015

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." - Albert Schweitzer

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