Sunday, March 1, 2015

Detroit I'm ready for ya!

I always find that goal setting is the hardest thing to do when you don't now what to expect. How can I set a goal for the unknown? From the little I do know about what well be getting into I'm going to try my best. One of my goals is I want my idea of Detroit to change. I understand that I can't decide this but I can help. I am going to try and keep an open mind about Detroit. I know what the media shows and that is it. I don't want that to be the Detroit I think of. Another goal I have is to step outside my comfort zone. For me this is very hard, I like to think I have a large comfort zone. But I do think this trip will push me to the edge. But I want to actually step out of my comfort zone, seen as I am not there often. My last goal is take lots of pictures. I get so caught up in doing our thing that I don't stop to take it all in. I want Detroit to last forever in my heart, and memories. All of Detroit, the good the bad and the ugly. I cannot wait to get there, I want to be there now. Detroit I'm ready for ya!

Caitlin Murray

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