Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Twisting Road of Emotions on an ASB Trip

I am so happy to of been given the opportunity to come on this trip to Detroit, Michigan. Four days into the trip and I have a list of mixed emotions. I am so grateful to of had the chance to get to know my fellow ASB members as this trip continues. A trip like this triggers raw emotion, that cannot be witnessed under any other circumstances. Working with this group has brought me to realize how perfect this group is for this trip.Everyone with their quick sense of humor and crazy antics try to make light of some of the heaviest of emotions. Everyone in this group have taught me something that I hope I can carry with me. Finally having the opportunity to see Detroit with my own eyes the only thing I can relate it to is a post- apocalyptic world. On the other end of this emotion train called ASB 2015 I have become increasingly frustrated that something like this exists in a country that is supposed to promise opportunity and freedom. Their has to be more that can be done. I find it hard to comprehend how long this has been going on and how this was allowed to happen. It makes me personally useless. I also feel frustrated with my own mind as I feel as if I am not connecting with the experience as much as everyone else. I typically am big on daily reflection and am the quick one to respond when others are upset. This trip has left me blank and speechless.

I don't want to leave this on a negative note and for if and when anyone ever reads this I want to say that I am very happy I have chosen to be on this trip and I do not want it to end. I will forever be grateful for this. The people I have traveled with, the people I have met and the sights I have seen

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