Sunday, March 1, 2015

The biggest goal I have set for myself might sound really weird to other people but is a big deal to me is that I will talk. For those who do not know me too well probably think I am awkwardly shy, which is true. But according to my friends who know me well think I am ridiculously obnoxious and loud. So my biggest goal is to show that side of me. Another huge goal is making the most out of this trip. Like Amy said this is our trip, and we should do all we can to learn something amazing from it. The memories we make on this trip will last years to come, and we should do our best to make great ones. Those who we will go and help might think we are changing their lives, but in reality I think it will be them who we come to remember as inspirations. It will be a great trip, we just have to own it, and be the ones to make it everything we want it to be.

Michaela Lombardo 2017

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