Monday, March 16, 2015

New Beginnings

Today was emotional. Seeing the good the bad and the ugly of Detroit. I loved working with DRMM and hearing everyones stories. Even though Miss Ula worked us hard in the kitchen it was nice seeing the kitchen spotless. Picking up trash at first was nice cleaning the playground that the little kids will now be able to use. Once we got into it we I noticed there was an abandon building right behind the playground where the kids play. I don't understand how these people have so much hope because you look around it honestly looks hopeless. Its nice knowing that one person like Ms. Brown make it so that we can come out and help. We couldn't do what we do if it wasn't for people like Ms. Brown. She's whats good in Detroit. She is the type of person this city needs, shes willing to take anyone and anything in. Even the stray cat we found while picking up trash. At Cass it was hard seeing what we did in the piles of trash we were picking up. We found babies shoes, but not a full pair only one. That means theres a baby out there with only one shoe. It breaks my heart. My stomach turned when we found the bunny. Some child has lost their stuffed bunny, and who knows it could of been their favorite stuffed animal. Today was hard, we saw things that we have only talked about and even more. This city needs are help, but I also thing I need this city. Day by day my views on the homeless are changing and this city is changing my mind. There is still so much good here, I don't want anyone to think that its all bad. Things like the Heidelberg show me that there is hope, and wonderful things happening here. I know I made the right decision to apply to ASB again and I know that this trip will change me.

Caitlin Murray
Class of 2016

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