Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FSU ASB 2015 goes green for St. Patricks Day...actually

As my first blog post on ASB 2015, I can honestly say this has been a whirlwind day. Actually, I will correct that statement, it's been a whirlwind blend of days since Saturday. The range of experiences and emotions have more than I could have ever bet on. Today, we helped create mats out of recycled tires and beads. We also used exercise bikes to generate energy for the building, which was pretty cool seeing as today was St. Patricks Day. I felt that sense of energy in the group, and how energized we felt today. I think it's so important that we maintain this energy as the week progresses, for the team but for the people we encounter as well. While reflecting on our day, I noticed how special this group truly is. The way that some people can open up and make themselves so vulnerable is incredibly contagious. The only way we are going to be fully capable of making an impact for ourselves and Detroit is by being honest with how we are feeling. Not talking about what we are experiencing doesn't make anything better, and I am proud that we have found that safe space so early on to communicate. I feel good, and I am so ready to continue watching myself and other continue to learn from Detroit, and I hope we teach Detroit a thing or two.

Safe travels

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