Monday, March 2, 2015

Barry's Reassurance

     AHHHH!!! I am so beyond excited for these next two weeks to fly by super fast! Today I was given the honor of having Barry for the week. I will be sad to give him up at our next meeting, so I am not going to think about that right now. In thirteen days, we will be well on our way to making a difference in Detroit! As Spring Break is vastly approaching, my academic schedule has become increasingly hectic. With Barry by my side, he will be a constant remind of all the great things to come with our trip. I just need to make it through these next thirteen days!
     I have many goals in mind about this trip, but I challenge myself to step further outside my comfort zone. While trying new things, it is okay to feel uncomfortable because that is how you know you are challenging yourself and growing further as a person.  I have never flown without my family which is a big step outside my comfort zone, but I know with all my lovely friends by my side everything will be great! Another goal for this trip is to grow as a person.  By even applying to join, I was trying knew things in attempt to develop as my own person beyond my small town family.
     One of my life goals is to travel all over the US to gain new perspectives. Detroit is a great starting place for me because the news always displays Detroit as a negative place, I hope to gather my own opinions about the city to share with my family upon return. I am excited to be working with people of different backgrounds with different experiences than me because I have set another goal for the trip to really listen and pay attention to everything these people have to offer. I am excited for our group to experience this trip together and to watch each of us learn and gain something different from it. It is important for me to stay present and attentive through the whole process because this is a great opportunity to really see the world from a different perspective, for the good and the not so good.
      As the days dwindle down, my excitement level raises higher. Before we leave, my goal is to learn even more about the DRMM we will be working so closely with them I want to make sure I have all my background information ready. Once we return, I look forward to sharing my lessons with my family and friends because for the past couple of months they have been going through this process with me as I share every little detail. 

Victoria Gibbs
Class of 2018

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