Sunday, February 22, 2015

Expectations of Detroit

It has been really interesting to learn about Detroit this year! I think that the most surprising thing that I learned is the history of Detroit and how it used to be a booming city at one point, and how it got to where it is today. I did not realize how large the city is, and how the size of Boston compares. I am curious to experience the city due to the fact that so many people have moved out. I am curious to see whether the area we are working in will be highly populated or if it will appear abandoned. I think it is very positive that people like us are going to Detroit to help with it's rebirth and I look forward to seeing where Detroit is in the future. When we get to Detroit, I expect to see some abandoned buildings like in the videos that we have watched. However, I also expect that it will look very similar to other cities that I have seen such as Lowell which neighbors my hometown. I am not sure that my hometown and Detroit will have too much in common, but I expect that there will be similarities such as similar sized neighborhoods and similar spacing between businesses and homes. I am so excited to get to Detroit with this wonderful group of people and to see how my expectations of Detroit will change or be the same!

Katie Moreau Class of 2016

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