Sunday, February 22, 2015

My First Post: Pre-ASB Reflection

1. One thing I was surprised to learn, and see, is how vacant and worn down many of the houses are. I have continually heard how many people have fled the city, so it makes sense that the houses are vacant, yet, I never thought of what this meant for the houses themselves or never pictured a city having so many physically empty building. Not only is having people leave the city problematic for Detroit, but with people then trying to illegally vacate the houses there are even more possible problems.

2. I expect to see very passionate people living in Detroit! I think many of the people we are going to be seeing and possibly interacting with are going to be very enthusiastic about Detroit. I know the people who have stuck with the city so far must believe their city and all it's potential to be rebuilt. Just like any of us who have fond memories of our hometown, these people have great memories in Detroit and I look forward to learning from them and hopefully being able to help in some way.

3. Despite how much we have been talking about Detroit, I do not feel like I know enough to be able to compare it to where I grew up. At this point, I feel like Detroit is going to be so incredibly different from my hometown BUT I definitely think that I will be surprised once we get there and I hope that I am able to make more connections to my hometown once we get to experience Detroit and all that it has to offer.

Only 3 more weeks!!!
Emily :)

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