Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pre-ASB Reflection

The most surprising thing I've learned about Detroit is the amount of poverty. Before starting ASB, I really didn't know anything about Detroit, besides what I would see on the news or read on the internet. Another aspect that I found surprising, which I learned from George's presentation, is how much the population of Detroit has changed throughout the years. Finally, it was surprising to hear that the city is in a stage of rebirth.What I expect to see in Detroit is emptiness due to abandoned homes and buildings. I am hoping that during the trip, I will have the opportunity to see what the city of Detroit has to offer and how it may go against the labels that the city has been given by the news.  Some similarities that my hometown and Detroit have are abandoned buildings due to financial problems in the town and not being able to keep it open. I'm so ready to make my mark in Detroit with service. I am so excited to be in a new place and work with a wonderful and special group of individuals.

Stacy DeGrazia '15

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