Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pre ASB Reflection

22 February 2015

It's been surprising to learn where Detroit has come from to where it is today. I grew up in New Hampshire but spent much of my childhood in the Lowell area where my family was from. Alot of what I'm seeing from images of Detroit is very reminiscent to me of Lowell. People are always scared to go there or have certain doubts and opinions formed about the area, but once you've been there everything changes. I've got hope for Detroit and what we'll find there during ASB.

I expect that the rebirth in Detroit will be incredibly apparent, despite many of us having doubts. The power of the drive of our younger generation is something that I've been in awe of before and I really am expecting that Detroit will be no different. I know that the abandoned buildings will be incredibly apparent (1/3 is alot), but as an artist, I also know that the streets will be alive: artists will have gotten there already to put some beauty onto the vacant walls of old buildings. I'm excited to see and feel the energy from our group but also from the people we work with. I'm betting money on Detroit being an experience to remember.

Comparing Detroit and my hometown (or as I like to say, New Hampshire) is like comparing peanut butter and jelly to a filet Mignon; there is no comparing (though I myself would definitely prefer the pb&j, just saying). I am finding almost no similarities to Detroit and the quiet, wooded suburbia that I grew up in. However, I'm drawn to urban areas and I personally always feel incredibly comfortable traveling to new places. I'm ready to experience Detroit!

Calvin Ridley

Class of 2016

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