Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today we went to Branson it was GREAT!  Not only was the weather beautiful, but the experiences where fantastic!  I went with the Zip Line group and did the 100 foot free fall at the end.  WHAT  a thrill that was it was a great experience and the people running the zip line where incredibly nice and friendly.  After the zip line we met up with the rest of our ASB crew and headed to the Branson strip! It was sooo fun we went to a burger place (that I can't remember the of oops) that reminded me of 5 Guys back home. After grabbing a quick lunch we did a little bit of shopping and saw some of the aftermath of the Branson Tornado.  It was interesting to see how although there was destruction most places where still open and very welcoming.  Something I LOVE about the mid-west/southern states is the fact that EVERYONE here is super friendly and I plan on trying to take some of that hospitality home with me.  THEN there was the Dolly Parton Dixy Stampede an interesting cultural experience to say the least.  I loved watching the horse riding and stunting and SUPER enjoyed watching Stephen, Tim, Mary, and Erin riding around on horse heads on sticks.  Over all today was a great success.

On a side note:
Last night we watched the Extreme Make Over Joplin edition and to say the least it has started to make me a little homesick ans missing my family a lot.  The emphasis on how important family is over materiel things just made want to be at home making mac and cheese with my sister Lindsey.
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- Tracy W.

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