Friday, March 16, 2012

Time well spent

This trip to Joplin, MO was very eye opening and so much fun. The first day was a little rough with the rain and the flight delay but it smoothed out for the rest of the trip. When we first got to the job site it was looking pretty poor and I thought, oh no what did we get our selves into? But as 26 people mobilized onto the property within as little as 4 hours it started to look so much better. Then, once we started to sand, paint, and wash down the house it made me feel so happy to see how far we had come in only a few short days. We spent a day in Branson and it was so much fun; even though I was dizzy half the time. We saw a lot of sites and pretty country sides and the steak and shake was amazing. The next two days of work were the most fun because we really accomplished a lot, all the hard prep work really paid off.  As the coats of paint went on and the new trim was nailed to the house it all started to come together. Even with all the hard work and great memories I still feel sad that this is our last night here even though it feels like yesterday we were just getting off the flight. A special shout out to Krista Landry and Angel Seto for going to the hospital with me after a really fun but tiring day I know it was the last thing anyone wanted to do. Also the rest of the trip leaders and chaperons you all were amazing and made the trip very special for all. 

Chris Peck

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